18. & 19.
May 2023
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ICF Conference 2023

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What would happen if I decided to put Jesus first in my life today? Before sin and depression, before every temptation that we face, before fear and sickness, before loneliness and shame, before violence and anger, before success and popularity, before pride and vanity, and before everything the world tries to tell us. Experience how when friends come together and pray, the lame will walk, and the blind will see. Experience how relationships and marriages are marked by faithfulness and thrive noticeably. Experience awakened families whose children are excited about Jesus and share their excitement with their friends. Experience how divine visions give rise to new businesses that will make a lasting difference in the world. Decide to put Jesus above all else today and experience His power in your life. 

We are looking forward to experiencing an ICF Conference with you, where we will discover the power that is above all. A power that comes when we put Jesus in the first place in our lives.

Leo & Susanna

Leo & Susanna Bigger
Senior Pastors ICF Church


Leo Bigger

Senior Pastor, ICF Church

Senior Pastor of the ICF Church (Zurich) and leader of the ICF Movement. Married to Susanna. His passion is to put Jesus at the center of the church.


Susanna Bigger

Senior pastor, ICF Church

Susanna Bigger is the Senior Pastor of the ICF Church (Zurich) and leader of the ICF Movement. She is married to Leo. Her authentic and unconventional way inspires people for Jesus.


Tobias Teichen

Lead Pastors, ICF Munich

Lead Pastor and founder of ICF Munich. Married to Frauke Teichen. His desire is for people to experience God anew and for their relationship with Jesus to grow.


Frauke Teichen

Lead pastor, ICF Munich

Co-Lead Pastor and founder of ICF Munich. Married to Tobias Teichen. Her dream is to introduce people to God's love and to help them live their faith practically and concretely in everyday life.


Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Rabbi Daniel Lapin is widely known as America's Rabbi. He hosts his own successful radio and podcast shows, is the author of several best-selling books, and is the president of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians.


Jabin Chavez

Pastor, City Light Church, Las Vegas

With his wife, he leads City Light Church in Las Vegas. He has a great passion for the local church and has served on church teams in a wide variety of positions from caretaker to youth pastor.


ICF Worship

ICF Worship is the sound of the ICF Church Movement. Their aim is to lead people into the presence of God with their music from the heart of the local church.


Bethel Music

Bethel Music is a worship movement pursuing the presence of God and capturing fresh expressions of worship out of Redding, California. Bethel Music has grown from a local church music ministry to a global outreach made up of a collective of songwriters, artists and musicians.

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